New Certified Sprays

One of our objectives is to accompany our strategy for the provision of valuable products through the support of approvals issued by internationally renowned organizations. On this occasion we refer specifically to food grade lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industry: Viscopren NTX Spray (Synthetic gel type lubricant) Penetrat FG Spray (Semi-synthetic multi-purpose lubricant).

For both of us, we have obtained the H1 certifications – incidental contact with food – through SENASA and NSF in the USA. From now on, you have these lubrication solutions at your fingertips, taking into account that both have certifications that give these products the official sanitary support for use in food processing plants, pharmaceutical or any other that so demand.

For more information about the characteristics of these products or possibly all of those that have current certification for use in food processing facilities, do not hesitate to contact us through our website and we will contact you.