LAAPSA was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988 with the scope to produce industrial lubricants of maximum quality, efficiency and performance focusing on the global market. Under this conception, the Company expanded and in 1991 it was settled in the city of Caseros, province of Buenos Aires. Due to its growth in international trade, in 2000 the Company incorporated the 2500m2-manufacturing plant located in the city of Bernal, jointly working in local business units as well as in products for the export market.

The constant and increasing demand of the local market, subsidiaries and distributors worldwide enabled the acquisition of the current industrial plant in 2013.

Situated in the Industrial park of Tigre, at only 35 kilometers from Buenos Aires and covering 13.000 square meters, it places LAAPSA as the greatest national producer of special lubricants and an international reference on new technologies for industrial lubrication.

LAAPSA stands out as:

  • Local supplier from 1990 of special lubricants for gear transmissions with Advanced Third Generation technology in surface smoothing, providing a distinguished product for the control of wear in reducers, multipliers and bearings.
  • World leader in the development of Ultra high viscosity Gels focused on the lubrication of open gears and sliding bearings.
  • The largest Latin American producer of over-based calcium sulfonate complex greases, which are known to be products that caused a technological revolution in the market of lubricant greases.
  • The first producer in Argentina to get the NSF international certification under category H1 and the largest local producer of lubricants approved for Food and beverage industry.

In summary, LAAPSA is a 30-year Argentinian company committed to offer its customers and partners engineering solutions and products that are at the forefront in the field of industrial lubrication, aiming at the enhancement of actives, the optimization of productive processes, the rational use of resources and the care for health and environment.

The company has a highly qualified staff carrying out practices and productive processes of excellence in laboratories, in addition to the comprehensive support provided through its highly experienced technical consultants.
LAAPSA responds with its products and services to the most varied industrial sectors throughout the world. As well as consolidating trade within the country, LAAPSA has subsidiaries in Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico and Uruguay; and it exports to around 40 countries worldwide.

LAAPSA reached ISO 9001/2000 certification in its processes, thus ensuring focus on customers, team work, continuous improvement and beneficial relationship with customers and suppliers.

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